I spent over twelve years working in the entertainment industry, for most of which I working as a senior artist manager to high profile international acts and personalities, advising and coaching them in every area of their lives. Strategically helping to plan their career paths, I helped them to make the moves that were right for them and worked through their emotional barriers to ensure that they excelled in the roles that they were working on. I helped them to handle the constant demands of their family and personal lives alongside their heavy work schedules, meticulously organising their lives to create a healthy balance, whilst ensuring all their needs were addressed and tackled. It was often the case that an artist would reach a crossroads in their career and it was my job to work through their options and encourage and help my client to realise the direction they wanted to take.

I stepped away from the entertainment industry to have my two little girls. Whilst I was on this career break, I found myself at a similar crossroads, and it became painfully apparent that there were so many women surrounding me who were feeling lost, low or demotivated post having children. They all seemed to be feeling unfulfilled or stuck but couldn’t figure out a way of changing these feelings or even having the motivation to do so. I found that on a near daily basis I was putting to use my years of coaching experience to try and help these women to overcome obstacles and to find the path that they were looking for. With this in mind, I trained as an accredited development coach and began utilising my skill set to provide a safe space for my clients to help motivate, listen and overcome any obstacles they may be facing.

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