I chatted with the lovely mum of two  Carly Moosah, about making the decision to change careers, why she made it and how part-time suits her better.

Carly spent the majority of her career working as a talent agent in the crazy fast-paced world of show business. After having her second child Carly decided to take a step away from the entertainment industry and now works part-time on the fundraising team for the amazing charity Grief Encounter, providing support to bereaved children after the loss of a parent or a sibling.

Carly is also the  Co-founder of KeepEmQuiet with her husband who she has been with since she was 17 years old. At KeepEmQuiet, they are trying to make traveling with children easier for parents worldwide with their ultimate travel packs and innovative travel products.

Carly talks about juggling all the plates and hoping they won’t all come smashing down any time soon. Thankfully she has always been a pretty good juggler. “