“Jodi has the rare ability to put herself in your shoes in any situation while delivering the most thoughtful, grounded, and wise words of advice that are always so spot on, it was like it was there waiting for you all along but you just needed her to nudge you in the right direction.”
— Jessica, Michigan

“I have found the groups to be such a useful platform and being around others going through similar transitions. I really enjoyed coming to the groups, and found the whole experience to be dynamic, and definitely set me on a path for growth which is what I was looking for. I found the experience to be extremely helpful, what I found most surprising about myself is that I definitely want more out of life be it professionally and personally, and I didn’t even know it at the start. You’ve set me up with a good foundation for obtaining that growth.” 

— Alexandra, London

“Jodi listens to me and helps me challenge the things I tell myself that hold me back. Her approach is practical and straight forward, she encourages me to get clear on my goals and explore creative new ways to realise them. I find spending time with her both calming and a lot of fun. Her honesty and considered methods have made a huge difference to my life and wellbeing.”
— Lizzie, London
“Jodi has the ability to untangle my most complicated mind. I arrive confused and lacking the confidence in my decisions and on leaving feel like I have a clear path to the life I want. Since becoming a parent especially I’ve struggled with the work/life balance and Jodi has helped me find my way through these murky waters. I could not recommend her more to anyone looking for a helping hand in achieving everything they want in life”
 — Carly, London