The Grow Project is a social study which hears from a variety of successful women about the process they have gone through whilst dealing with becoming and being a mother, and how it has in turn linked to their career and ambition. How have they made the transitions, what has changed and how have they coped?

I’m calling this ‘The Grow Project’ after one of the most universally recognised and used coaching models. It is a simple method for goal setting and problem solving. The grow model promotes confidence and self motivation, leading to increased productivity and personal satisfaction. It stands for Goals, Reality, Options/Obstacles and Will.


The aim of this project is to create a series of short videos that women can watch to feel empowered and motivated. They will recognise that they are not the only ones struggling with the change that comes from being an independent career woman, to now trying to juggle both a career and the role of parent and if applicable, partner.

Women watching will see that they are not alone and that even the most successful people have had to make similar transitions. By engaging with these videos of women at the top of their game, learning about the struggles they have (and still do) come up against, and understanding how they deal with these issues, will in turn help reassure and motivate mothers facing similar struggles.

The audience can learn how they can face what’s in front of them and overcome their obstacles. The study will be an insight into this all-consuming transition period in a woman’s life, whilst learning about women across all career sectors.

The Grow Project The Highlights

Simone Abel

Amiee Carlton

Melissa Hogenboom

Emma Astaire

Carly Moosah

Lisa Harrison

Olivia Wayne