I offer expert advice and coaching with a bespoke service, tailor made to each individual’s specific needs.

One to One Coaching
  • Complimentary introduction call
  • 60 minute fortnightly coaching session
  • Email support between sessions if necessary

These sessions can be held at my North West London practice, remotely via video chat or by telephone from anywhere in the world.

Mother - Mother Coaching

  • A Mothers’ support group held over six fortnightly sessions.
  • Together you will work with a group of up to 7 other women who are confronting similar issues to you. Collectively we will address blocks, fears, goals and dreams, helping each person determine what it is they want to change and how to go about changing it.
  • These groups create a unique support network that will often continue even after the course has finished by helping to keep each other motivated and on track.

Returning To Work Transitional Coaching

  • I work closely with HR teams to aid and support female employees returning to work
  • I ensure that needs are met and lines of communication are open
  • I offer women a safe space to discuss concerns  and tackle any issues that they are facing moving forward
  • I provide female employees tools and strategies to help them achieve a healthy work-life balance, enabling them to thrive in the workplace and at home.


Businesses and teams working in fast paced, high pressured environments often struggle to find the time to stop, listen and think objectively about what is working, and what isn’t. This can lead to various issues including demotivation, a loss of creativity and team disagreements amongst other things. What I offer is a time and place to stop the action and focus. Listen to each other and realign your team so that people can work to their full potential and reach beyond their limits.

I work with whole departments or small teams using a number of coaching exercises and techniques to get everyone thinking, push start new ideas and get peoples creative juices flowing. By taking people outside of their normal working environment and interrupting their daily routines and rituals you are breaking the molds that have been formed, getting people interacting in new ways and pushing to them to start thinking outside the box.

I also work with small groups to iron out problems and tricky relationships, helping people to work harmoniously together.

Each workshop is bespoke, designed to fit your specific requirements and can be as short as two hours or as long as a week depending on the work that is needed to be done and the size of your company.

We will have a consultation session to work through exactly what the purpose of the workshop is and then I will create a package to incorporate your needs.


For those of you who need a quick fix rather than face to face coaching, this is a pay as you go service where you can talk to me via Instant Messenger.

£25 per 20 minute Instant Messenger session.